24 Hour Half-Off Special Offer

50% Off a 2-Minute Video for 24 Hours Only!

(Only $999 instead of $1999)

Time Left Until Special Offer Ends:
What would I need another video for?
So many things! Create a video to answer top concerns or questions potential customers have, a “how it works” video, a “why we’re different from our competitors” video, an onboarding video, a sales video (goes into more detail than an explainer video), a video blog post, or anything else that you have to constantly repeat can be communicated through an engaging video.
Can I wait to see how the video(s) I just ordered turns out?
Unfortunately this offer will only be available for 24 hours. Keep in mind that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which allows you to cancel and get a refund for any reason. So you have nothing to worry about. If you still want to wait, we can offer you a 15% discount on your next video. It’s not 50%, but it’s still a great discount if you don’t want to take up this offer.
Do I have to make this video in conjunction with my other video(s)?
Not at all. As long as you take care of the $999 payment before the 24 hour period ends, you can start on the video when you’re ready.
I just ordered 2 videos. Can my 2nd one go towards this special offer?
Unfortunately not. Whether you ordered one video or multiple, the special offer is the same. The good part is that you can now make yet another video for 50% off!
Why is this offer only available for 24 hours?
This special offer is only available to new clients like you. We don’t offer this at any other time. Because it’s such an amazing deal, we want you to make a decision quickly in exchange.
Can I do a 60 second video instead of 2 minutes?
Sure, but the price will still be $999 (which is still $500 off regular price of a 60 sec video).
Why do I have to pay the $999 in full upfront?
This is such a great deal that we need to collect payment in full for it to make sense to be able to offer this to you. But $999 is normally just the deposit for a 2 minute video at regular price. So instead of paying $999 just for a 50% deposit, you’re paying $999 for the entire video and nothing else. Not to mention that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows you to cancel at any point in the process and get a full refund.
If I don’t take this offer, will I get a discount if I do another video down the road?
Sure thing! We offer a 15% repeat client discount. Nowhere close the 50% off you get in this deal, but it’s still a great discount!
Does your 100% satisfaction guarantee apply to this offer?
Absolutely! If at any point you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can cancel and get a full refund.
I have some more questions.
We’d love to answer all your questions! Please call us at (866)960-9778 or email Katie Walsh: katie@promoshin.com
Sounds like a killer deal. How do I start?
You bet it is! Go here to pay the $999 to lock in this one-time special deal.