5 Money-Making Reasons You Need an Explainer Video

humanThat’s right, you. “You” might be your business, your marketing activities, your school organization, your product, or just about any other group, company, or activity. Explainer videos are unique in the online – and offline – world.

They transcend demographics, apply to any business or organizational function, and are the most universally well-received form of communicating an idea or message available.

Does that sound like a bunch of hype or hyperbole? Of course it does, on the surface. Rarely is anything quite that effective or ubiquitous. However, the data and statistics about short videos are undeniable, as you’ll soon see.

If you’re not yet using explainer videos in your business, organization, or whatever else you’re doing online, here are 5 incontrovertible reasons you should start now.

1 – They┬áIncrease Traffic1426733472_kuser

A picture is worth 1,000 words, as the old saying goes. We’ll get into exactly why that is in #4 below, but for now consider this: according to Forrester Research, one of the most respected research firms in existence, a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

Okay, so that’s a lot of words – so what? Consider if you were to write enough blog posts or articles to cover that many words, assuming that was possible to do in a short time frame.

Do you think you might get more attention from search engines? From people searching? From just about anyone online? Of course. It would be inevitable, regardless of how good the content was.

That’s the kind of effect that short videos have, for a few reasons. First, Google gives videos priority in search results. (did you know that?) Second, they’re very shareable, which makes them spread well on social networks.

The other reasons that they cause an increase in traffic have to do with the next four points, so read on.

1426733279_filter_data2 – They Increase Conversions

Explainer videos are the most effective medium for convincing people to take action. The Online Publishers Association recorded that 80% of internet users could remember watching a short video in the last 30 days, and 46% of them took some action afterwards. 26% looked up more information online, 22% went to the website represented, and 12% purchased the product in the video.

People who watch an explainer video about a product are somewhere between 64% and 85% more likely to buy the product than those who don’t, according to various researchers. Even on the low end, that’s a pretty big boost in sales possibilities.

Consider these two examples: Dropbox went from zero to 100 million users in 5 years with a homepage that consisted of nothing but an explainer video and a download button.

More recently, Old Spice’s creative ad campaign – which consists of a lot of short videos – has increased their sales by 107%. But you don’t need a 100% sales increase, right? Please.

Have you seen an online listing for a home for sale recently that isn’t accompanied by a video? Probably not. That’s because listings with videos get 400% more views than those without. Makes you wonder how some agents are still in business, since there are obviously some not using them.

3 – They Help Develop Brand Personality1426733435_kuser

Every brand tries (or should try) to develop their own personality online. It helps relate to their target audience better. Text and images can only go so far in creating that personality. Explainer videos finish the job.

Imagine trying to grasp or explain someone’s personality only from letters and pictures. You get a decent idea from these, but when you can watch a video of them it adds a new dimension and fleshes out the missing pieces.

The same goes for brands. To launch a new campaign or revitalize an existing one, nothing is as effective as explainer videos.

4 – They Grab Attention1426732973_7

Why exactly do explainer videos have such an impact on people? It all comes down to human nature and psychology. We retain short bursts of information better than we do information overload.

We also remember things better when they’re told to us in a story format. This works the same way in our brains that songs and rhymes do. They help us remember things because they draw on the information, memories, and metaphors already in our minds, to create relationships between things that make them easier to recall. According to studies, explainer videos increase retention of the material by 60% and understanding by 75%.

The average person is exposed to a short video every day on average, and half watch at least one per month. 75% of professionals watch at least one video per week that is work related. And these numbers hold up whether the person is 18 or 53 years old.

1426732772_x-office-presentation-2565 – They Overcome Your Presentation Problems

Let’s face it, we’re not all born communicators. However, there will come a time for many of us when standing in front of a group and presenting information is necessary and unavoidable.

A powerpoint presentation becomes even more annoying (because they’re pretty much always annoying) when the presenter can’t supplement the slides with good verbal communication.

But with an explainer video, the information can be delivered in a shorter time-frame, with more understanding by the viewers, and without public speaking skills needed. Whether you’re presenting information to your team at work or pitching investors for a new startup, an explainer video can do wonders for results.

These are just a few points as to why almost everyone should be using explainer videos in some way. There are many more reasons and statistics I could give.

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