Explainer Video Benefits

The Top 20 Explainer Video Benefits

You’ve probably heard the term ‘explainer video’ before, but you may not understand exactly why your company needs one. I’ve actually spent time trying to think of any type of business that wouldn’t really benefit from a short 30 second to 3 minute video explaining their product, service, or some particular aspect of their business. So far I haven’t come up with a single one.

That’s because explainer videos are so powerful and adaptable. They can serve any number of purposes for your business, from consumer-facing sales pitches to internal training. If you’re still unsure why your company would ever need an explainer video, consider this list of 20 reasons that you do.

1) Increased conversion rates

You’ll see the psychology behind why this happens in several points below, but the bottom line is that explainer videos increase conversion rates for websites by anywhere from 15% to 85%, depending on which source you want to believe. Even if you want to be conservative and stay at the bottom of that scale, who wouldn’t want their business to see a 15-20% increase in conversions?

2) Better Google ranking

Google loves video, and they reward websites that use videos with a higher search ranking (that may have something to do with the fact that they own YouTube). Adding an explainer video to your site not only converts more visitors, it brings more visitors to be converted.

3) Perfect pitch every time

Everyone should have an ‘elevator pitch’ to explain and sell their product or service. An explainer video lets you put that elevator pitch permanently online to be viewed by anyone, anywhere, anytime, with the benefit of visuals to help explain and sell even more effectively.

4) Increased web traffic

A great video not only helps your traffic through better search engine rankings, it also has the potential to go viral. Viral videos have helped companies greatly increase their traffic and sales. One company that embraced this idea – Old Spice – saw a 107% increase in sales in only a few months.

5) Helps audience retain info

It’s scientific and psychological. On average, people retain about 10% of what they hear but about 50% of what they see. When the two are combined, the percentage jumps even more. Better retention of the information means a better chance of understanding, conversion, and sharing through word of mouth.

6) Use it for YouTube advertising

YouTube is a phenomenon almost as incredible as the internet itself and is far and away the most popular and visited video site online. YouTube advertising is super affordable and massively effective, allowing precise customer targeting and the ability to embed clickable links within the video itself.

7) Use it for Facebook video ads

Facebook is another platform that has really advanced when it comes to advertising. It’s affordable, the targeting features are extremely advanced, and there is a potential audience of over a billion people. This is currently one of the best places to use video advertising besides YouTube.

8) Livens up your pitch

Face it, your pitch deck and PowerPoint presentation are putting people to sleep. I’m bored just thinking about it. Condense that pitch and make it something visually exciting by using an explainer video instead.

9) Easily shareable

Videos are more shareable than websites, especially when hosted on video sites like YouTube or Vimeo. It’s a mobile world, but your website might still look horrible on a smartphone. Use an explainer video to encourage and enable sharing of your message.

10) Use it for raising money

Whether you’re pitching to investors in person or using a crowdfunding site to raise money, you’re expected to have a short video presentation these days. They’re highly effective for presenting your message or pitch, which is why investors expect to see one.

11) Builds branding

The animation and colorful presentation in short videos lend them beautifully to creating and building your branding much better than static images and text.

12) Engages the viewer

You only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention when they land on your page, or they’re gone. Pages of text don’t work well, and the best you can hope for is that someone at least skims through it. A short video grabs attention from the start, and most people will sit through a minute or two of video presentation before they’ll read even one page of text.

13) Use it in email marketing

Email marketing, despite what experts have predicted for several years, is still the most effective online marketing method. Embedding a video into your email marketing message increases the chance of click-throughs considerably.

14) Easy to understand

When you explain something to someone and show them at the same time (“say and see”), you make it much easier for anyone to understand. Imagine describing an alligator to someone. Now imagine describing it while showing a video of an alligator. The understanding level goes way up.

15) Visual & verbal learning

Most people are visual learners and some do better with audio. Having both in a video format ensures that you’re not leaving anyone out. And as mentioned before, the combination of audio and visual is exponentially more effective than one or the other by itself.

16) Use it in social media

Visual content is the most viewed, shared, and liked content on social media by a mile. If you maintain a social media presence for your business or organization (and you should), your explainer video provides you a recurring post to keep your message out there.

17) Collect leads inside video

Since you can add email opt-in forms to videos, you don’t even need a website or landing page to collect leads. This is also perfect for your social media campaigns.

18) Stand out from competitors

Using an explainer video automatically gives you a marketing leg-up on any of your competitors that don’t have one.

19) Can use it for video retargeting

Explainer videos are a great tool for retargeting people through social media or YouTube who have visited your website but didn’t convert.

20) Adds credibility to any product or service

Video content adds a layer of credibility to your product or service in the minds of consumers and brings them closer to conversion.

There you have it, 20 great reasons you should have an explainer video for your business, product, or service. Honestly, just two or three of these reasons should be plenty to help you understand how you can benefit from this proven tool.

So what are you waiting for?