Getting Started on an Explainer Video

Watch our streamlined production process…

Steps to getting your video done FAST:

1) Fill out this questionnaire (be as detailed as possible) – we use this to write your script

Please take a moment to read: The 5 Key Ingredients For A Great Explainer Video Script


2) Let us know which pricing plan you want to go with so we can send you a secure invoice to pay online using any credit card.

Also, let us know if you would rather pay 50% upfront and 50% upon completion OR if you’d rather pay in full upfront to get a 10% discount.

You can also pay in 6 monthly installment payments for an extra 15% fee.


3) Our Creative Director (Jack Sack) will help with intaking your project and helping you with your script.

Send an email to with the following included:

a) Your high definition logo (make sure it’s transparent – no background)
b) A link to your favorite explainer video (this is for the style of your video)
c) The name of the voiceover artist you want (go here to choose)
d) Any requests for how you want the characters to look in your video, the colors you want used, and anything else you have in mind


4) We’ll start working on your script and will have it ready in just 1-2 days


5) You’ll review your script and provide any feedback you have. We’ll revise your script as many times as it takes until you’re 100% happy and love your script. Most clients are very happy with either the 1st or 2nd draft.


6) Once the script is finalized, we’ll start working on the storyboard (quick mockup sketch of all the frames that will be in your video so you get an idea of things before we illustrate)

Here’s what a sample storyboard looks like.

*The storyboard stage can be skipped if you have a tight deadline


7) We’ll go back and forth on any revisions you have for the storyboard


8) We’ll start working on the illustrations

Here’s what sample illustrations look like.


9) We’ll go back and forth on any revisions you have for the illustrations


10) We’ll send you the final video with the animation, voiceover, music, and sound effects added on

Here’s what final videos look like.


11) We’ll go back and forth on a minor revisions you have on the final video


12) Once you’re 100% happy and love your video, we’ll send you your final invoice


13) Once the final payment has been made, we’ll send you a link to download your final video (MP4 file)


How Long Does The Process Take?

It typically take 3 to 4 weeks from start to finish.

These are the factors that affect how long it will take:

1 – Length of your video (the longer it is, the longer it takes to make)
2 – How many revisions you request at each step of the process (we offer UNLIMITED)
3 – How soon you get back to use on the revisions that you need

If you need your video in under 3 weeks, we offer a special Rush Service option for an added fee of $349.

The absolute fastest we can finish a video is 7-10 business days.

To finish your video in 7-10 business days, we need to skip the storyboard stage of our process, you can only have 1 round of revisions on the illustrations and one round on the final video, and you need to get back to us on the revisions you need the same day.