How to Decide Who to Hire for Your Explainer Video

finding explainer video companyResearching and finding a company to create your explainer video is a project in and of itself.

Looking for companies, reviewing their websites, getting quotes, talking to them, comparing them against each other, on and on.

It’s no easy task, but it can be less stressful and less-risky when you know what to look for.

Below is a checklist of questions (ALONG WITH OUR OWN ANSWERS) that will help you hire the right company for your explainer video:

1 – Pricing

Do they offer video options in your budget? We offer affordable plans that offer tons of value at unbeatable prices. If our lowest plan still doesn’t fit your budget, we offer a course that teaches you how to create your own explainer videos with no video software or technical experience required.

How does their price compare to the value they offer? If you’ve read ‘How Much Explainer Videos Should Cost,’ you know that Promoshin offers lots of value for the prices we offer.

Does the price sound too good to be true? If you go below a certain price point, the offer sounds too good to be true. And chances are, it is. Something will be missing, won’t be provided, will be subpar, or not included. Why risk wasting time and getting surprised down the road?

Do they offer flexible payment options? Aside from our 50% upfront and 50% upon completion payment option, you also have the option to pay in 4 easy monthly installment payments.

How much video time is included? Most companies offer just 60 seconds, and charge you for more video time. While a short 60 second video sounds great (and certainly doable), it’s usually difficult to get your message across in only 150 words. That’s why most of the videos in our portfolio are closer to 90 to 120 seconds long, and we offer 2 minutes of video time instead of just one.

2 – Portfolio

What’s the quality of work like? As you can see in our portfolio, our quality of work is top of the line. Check out this album to watch my personal favorite explainer videos we’ve made.

Can they do any animation style you like? We can do absolutely ANY animation or motion graphic style you like. Whether you like the style of a video you’ve seen from our portfolio or from a video anywhere on the web, we can do that style for you.

How many videos have they made? As of this writing, we’ve made over 700 videos.

who choose promoshin3 – Testimonials & References

Do they have video testimonials on their website? As of this writing we have over 101 video testimonials!

Can they provide you with references? We can provide you with the contact details for any client you see in our portfolio (from clients all over the world).

4 – Timeframe

How soon can they get the video done? Our normal process takes about 3 to 5 weeks, and we also provide a rush service where we can finish your video in as little as 1 week!

What does the timeframe depend on? The 2 factors that affect the timeframe the most are the number of revisions you request at each milestone, and how soon you get back us with any revisions you need. On our end, we get things done super quick!

5 – Process

What’s their production process like? This video explains our production process from A to Z so you know exactly what to expect.

Who provides the creative input? We come up with all the creative input. You don’t need to come up with anything! All you have to do is fill out our initial questionnaire, and we take care of everything else from there.

How many revisions can you make at each stage? Our two lowest plans offer 2 rounds of revisions at each milestone, and our top plan offer unlimited revisions at each step of the way.

6 – LocationLos-Angeles

Where is the company located? We’re located in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Can they make a video in your countries accent or language? We can make a video in ANY accent or language. You can even let us take care of all the translations on our end.

7 – Communication

What’s the communication like prior to the sale? You can be the judge of how our communication is here at Promoshin. I’m sure you’ll agree that we’re super responsive, and we’re always just an email or call away.

What will the communication and service be like once you sign up? Since you will get your own dedicated project manager, you will have someone available for you via phone and email every single day. Our clients truly love our responsiveness!

8 – Company

How long have they been in business? As of this writing, we’ve been in business for 3 years. In Internet years, that’s equivalent to 15 years.

Is it just one freelancer or a team of people? We’re a team of 19 people here at Promoshin. Mostly made up of illustrators and animators.

Who’s the founder? What’s his or her background? Yours truly is the founder of Promoshin – Ben Marvazi. My background is in direct marketing, lead generation, and conversion optimization. My team and I know what it takes to create a high converting video!

youtube boxes9 – Script

Who will write the script? We’ll write you an engaging script based on your answers to these questions.

How do you know they will understand your product or service? Our script writers are highly experienced in writing scripts for explainer videos in all sorts of industries. We’ve wrote scripts for the most complex of products! We’ll spend the time it takes to fully understand your product or service before we even start writing anything.

10 – Extras

Will they help you with video marketing? Just getting your video made is great, but don’t you want to market it and have it get you new customers? Aside from an awesome video, we’ll help you grow your business YouTube advertising and remarketing.

Do they offer any other extras? Take a look at our pricing page to see all the awesome features and extras we offer. We truly offer the best value for the lowest price!

11 – Guarantee

What kind of guarantee do they offer in case you don’t like your video or want to cancel for any reason? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can cancel your video project at any time during the production process for any reason, and we’ll issue you a refund right away. And we’re not just saying that. It’s a real 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Screening companies with the questions above will help you better compare offers, and decrease the likelihood of working with a company who may surprise you down the road.

The last thing you want is to work with a company that doesn’t understand what you want your video to communicate, causes too many delays, communication problems, poor quality work, end up not getting what you expected or were promised, and so on…

If you haven’t already, check out our 101+ video testimonials here, and some more reasons why clients choose Promoshin here.