How To Rank Your Explainer Video Higher on YouTube

14 July 2017, Comments: Comments Off on How To Rank Your Explainer Video Higher on YouTube

YouTube isn’t just a great place to waste 6 hours watching videos of baby sloths.

It’s also a great place to market your business. Did you know that after Google, YouTube is the second most-searched website?

When you’ve got a great video, you need it to show up in those search results to increase your exposure.

But unless you know what you’re doing, you risk being buried on page 352.

Unfortunately, getting your video to show up near the top of the search results is a bit complicated.

Fortunately, a good marketing company can make it easy. Here are the top three factors that determine where your video ranks on YouTube.

One. Keywords. Keywords are the DNA of any search algorithm. In a YouTube video, keywords appear here, here, here, and here.

When you enter a search term, YouTube returns videos with relevant keywords.

The trick is to choose keywords with the most searches, and the least competition.

You also have the option of adding closed captions to your video – this is highly recommended, as these provide yet another opportunity to insert keywords.

Two. Links. YouTube partially determines how popular your video is based on how many other sites link back to that page.

The more places your video appears, the higher it will rank.

This requires posting your video on your own site, as well as on blogs, news sites via press releases, forums, social media, and anywhere else you can think of.

Three. Video Quality A high-definition video will rank higher than a standard-definition video.

YouTube will also look at user generated rankings, like how many likes or dislikes your video has, in determining which videos to rank first.

And of course, videos with more views will be ranked higher.

Increasing your search rankings means the next time your target audience goes to YouTube to watch sloth videos They just might end up buying your product instead.

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