Making a Video Yourself vs. Using Offshore Freelancers vs. Using a USA Based Agency

I know you have lots of options when it comes to getting an explainer video made. And you should certainly do your due diligence on all the different options to see what works best for you, but after many years of making these videos for clients all over the world, I know pretty well how the various options will most likely play out for you.

OPTION 1: Making It Yourself

do it yourselfAt first, this sounds like a great option. Why pay a company so much money to make a video when you can just do it yourself on all the different do-it-yourself platforms available today.

Well, a few reasons. For one, you’re not a video production expert. Your time can be spent in much better ways than making your company video, which you’re probably not the best at.

Have you looked at your project and to-do list lately? I’m sure it’s overflowing just like everyone else!

You’ll end up spending hours upon hours making your video – and once it’s done – you’ll have a video that looks OKAY at best. Nothing you’ll be proud of.

I doubt you want to portray your business as a nimble startup with limited resources.

Sure, you can say you have a video now. But what good is it? It’ll probably do your business more harm than good – since potential customers will judge you based on your video and website…whether you like it or not.

Not only that, but the video won’t perform well. It won’t convert as high. It won’t turn your website visitors into leads and sign ups like it’s supposed to. So now you’re losing all this money that you could have made if you had a good video that actually worked.

But of course, don’t take my word for it. Try making a video for yourself…

OPTION 2: Hiring Offshore Freelancersoutsourcing

Again, this sounds like a great idea at first. Why pay a U.S. based company so much…when you can get it done at a fraction of the price by freelancers in India or Philippines?

Because you’ll run into the same problems as making it yourself, along with many others.

For one, there will be communication problems.

Producing your video is a collaborative process that requires lots of communication. If the freelancers you’re working with don’t get what you want, you’ll get frustrated fast.

Don’t expect them to fully understand your business, what you want to communicate, changes you need, etc.

They probably also aren’t true creative professionals who can take the lead, think independently, and come up with captivating ideas for your script, storyboard, or illustrations…rather than you having to tell them every single little detail you want. Over and over again.

Not to mention the fact that they don’t understand all the important cultural aspects or nuances that only someone from the Western world would understand. This is important.

You’ll end up having to deal with communication problems, delays, headaches…and probably a subpar product in the end. After you’ve’ taken 3 years off your life thanks to all the stress and frustrations.

Also, be ready to invest lots of time. Almost as much time as if you were making the video yourself. You’ll be the brains behind everything.

Don’t expect offshore freelancers to read your mind, do things before you ask, take the lead, come up with their own ideas, or things like that. They cost how much they cost for a reason.

To the untrained eye, they sound like the best value – but considering all the time and effort you’ll need to invest, only to get a mediocre product at best…it’s definitely not worth it.

I can’t tell you how many clients we’ve signed up that first tried making their video with an offshore freelancer in India (many of which pretend to be in the U.S. using a local phone number and mail forwarding address).

Why go through all that hassle and frustration to save a few hundred bucks that you’re actually losing anyways due to more of your valuable time spent on the video…which will probably end up being low quality, and won’t get you as many leads or sales – and ultimately lose on money that you could have had if you invested in a higher converting video?

So what money did you really save? If you think about it, it’s actually costing you much more! But unfortunately, many people aren’t experienced enough to know what to look for when creating a video…so they just go for the cheapest price.

us agencyOPTION 3: Hiring a USA Based Company

A lot of people (especially startups) don’t even consider working with a USA-based video production company because of the super high prices. Most companies charge anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 on the very low end – all the way up to $25,000…and sometimes even more.

YES, these companies will surely make you an awesome video – but who has that type of money to spend? And for that much money, my computer illiterate Grandma can figure out how to make an amazing video!

Where Does PROMOSHIN Fit Into These 3 Options?

We like to think of ourselves as the BEST VALUE explainer video company. Definitely the lowest prices you can get ($1000 to $2000), without having to cross the oceans to use offshore freelancers.

You’ll get top-notch service (Project Manager who’s always available via phone and email), a high quality video in ANY animation style, super fast turnaround times, and unlimited revisions – all for the LOWEST prices!

But don’t take our word for it. Watch some of these 100+ video testimonials to hear what past clients say about their experience with us.