The 5 Key Ingredients For A Great Explainer Video Script

Here at Promoshin, we know an effective video requires an excellent script. That’s why our process starts with our experienced, award-winning writers creating one for you. But what are we thinking about when we write your first draft? And what criteria can you use to judge if we’re really doing a great job? Here’s a peek inside the script-writing process.

Young guy writer in hat and glasses using typing machine

1 – A Solid Understanding of Your Company

Writers are master impersonators. We take on the voice of your company in order to communicate your message. This starts with research – you’ll provide a great start by answering some questions, but the rest is up to us. That’s why we’ll read through your website, your competitor’s websites, customer reviews, branding materials, and anything else we can get our hands on in order to fully understand what you do. And if we still feel we don’t have a firm grasp, or you have some ideas you want us to use, you can call us for a free creative consultation.

2 – A Solid Understanding of Your Audience

Just as important as knowing who we’re speaking as is knowing who we’re speaking to. Is your video for potential customers? Existing clients? Investors? Advertisers? Each one of these audiences has angles of access and requires us to speak a different language. Are you a new company with an exciting product trying to encourage backers on Kickstarter? We’ll write a humorous script with punched-up language and characters everyday people can relate to. Are you an investment firm trying to explain your portfolio management methods? We’ll use a more professional tone and match the lexicon of your target clientele.

3 – A Confident Command of Language

Anyone can have a great idea, but it takes a trained and experienced writer to wrap that idea in a clear and concise package. Our writers have a passion for words, and like any master craftsmen, are well-versed in the tricks of the trade. That means your script won’t contain any extraneous language, repetition, grammar or spelling errors. It also means we employ literary techniques to make your video extraordinary.

4 – It Can’t Be Boring

People love video. Everyone’s favorite day in grade school was when a substitute came in and put on a movie. The problem is, most of those movies were so boring half the class just fell asleep until the bell rang. Our animators create engaging graphics, but it’s up to our writers to create an engaging story. And every video tells a story. Our Creative Director comes from a Hollywood background – he’s studied the greats and knows why some stories work better than others. Now let him put that knowledge to work for your company.

5 – Collaboration is Key

Our writers have been doing this a long time – and in that time, we’ve learned the #1 ingredient for a good script is great input from the client. We can go a long way toward communicating your message to your audience in a clear and engaging way, but it’s up to you to read that message carefully and steer us in the right direction. The famous caricature of a writer sitting alone in an attic with his typewriter might have applied to a few novelists, but most great writers know they can’t exist in a vacuum. Teamwork, feedback, and collaboration is the secret to success.