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Get a 2 Minute Explainer Video &
2 Stock-Footage (Non-Animated) Video Commercials - Only 2 Payments of $799!

A total value of $2797! Sign up by February 14th at 11:59pm Pacific and get a 2 minute explainer video ($1999 regular price) and 2 stock footage video commercials ($399 regular price each) for only 2 payments of $799 - one payment due upfront, and one payment due in 30 days from now.

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to see examples of non-animated video commercials (usually 15 to 30 seconds long).

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How is a VIDEO COMMERCIAL different from an EXPLAINER VIDEO?
A video commercial is like something you’d see on TV. It’s designed to drive people to your website from video advertising platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. An explainer video is much longer, and actually explains what your product or service does in greater detail - in order to turn viewers into new leads, sign ups, and sales.
What are video commercials used for?
Think of them as short TV commercials that you use online. They’re designed to drive people to your website from video advertising platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also use them for social media posts, and they’re a great way to build your brand while standing out from competitors.
Why would I need 2 different video commercials?
Video commercials aren’t something you just make one of. You should use them for different campaigns and events happening in your business, and always test new ads to optimize for performance. Some commercials can perform and drive a lot more people to your website than others, but you won’t know that until you test them. Just like big brands constantly create new TV commercials, you too should create new video ads on a regular basis to not only keep your brand fresh and unique...but to always have the highest performing video ads running.
It means that instead of using animation like we’ll do for the explainer video we make for you, we use pre-made stock footage video clips. Click here to see some video commercial examples.
What if I want animated video commercials instead of stock footage video clips?
This special Valentine’s Day sale is for 2 non-animated, stock footage video commercials. You can purchase an animated video commercial separately as an add-on for only $399. Click here to see examples of animated video commercials.
How long will each video commercial be?
These non-animated video commercials are typically 15-30 seconds in length, and shouldn’t be any longer.
How many stock footage video clips will be in each commercial?
Just one. For video commercials you only want to have one stock footage video clip. For explainer videos, you can use multiple stock footage video clips.
Will there be a voiceover in the video commercials?
No voiceover. It’s best not to have a voiceover since these videos will be watched on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube - where people don’t have their sound on. The video’s message will be communicated via text. Click here to see examples.
How will you know what I want for each video commercials?
You’ll fill out a special questionnaire that’s designed specifically for video commercials. You’ll also have an initial kick-off call with your Project Manager to discuss your explainer video and 2 video commercials.
What if I don’t like the video ads you make me?
We offer unlimited revisions until you’re happy. If that’s not enough, we also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
How will the process work for making a video commercial? Is it the same process as making an explainer video?
The process for making an explainer video is different than making a video commercial. Click here to see the process for explainer videos. For video commercials, the first step is to fill out the questionnaire. After that, we’ll show you a first version of your video. We’ll make as many changes until you’re happy, and then send you a link to download the videos.
Can you help me advertise and distribute the video ads you make for me?
Of course! We can help you market your videos on the 3 most popular video marketing platforms: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Please send an email to if you’re interested in learning more about advertising and video marketing options that are available to you.
What are the payment terms? How much do I need to pay now?
You’ll pay $799 now to start and $799 in 30 days from now. Please note: we normally don’t charge the remaining balance until your video(s) is completed - but with special sales like this, we have different terms. So keep in mind that your credit card will automatically be charged 30 days after you pay your initial $799 deposit.
How do I get started?
Click here to pay your initial $799 deposit. After you pay, you’ll get an email from your project manager with next steps. You can also visit this page to see what we need from you, and what to expect from the process.
Who will be my point of contact?
You’ll have a dedicated Project Manager that will be available for you via phone and email. Once you pay your deposit, your Project Manager will reach out to you within a few hours.
What if I have more questions?
Please call us anytime from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST: (866)960-9778 x1

If we don’t answer or you get put on hold, it’s because we have a high volume of calls during sales - so please bare with us. Either stay on hold, or try calling back a little later. Thank you

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