Video Styles

Standard 2D Animation

Characters can be made to look however you like. While all videos in this album are the standard 2D animation, the look and feels can really vary.

Hand Sketch

A hand to sketch out your illustrations in the video. Choose from black and white, some color, or full color.

Professional Styles

If you don’t want the cartoon-look, this style will suit you. The characters in these videos are usually silhouettes or more professional looking.

Animation Over Real Photos

A unique look that mixes real photos and animation for a professional feel.

Kinetic Text Based Animation

Using mostly animated words to communicate your message.

Stock Video Footage with Kinetic Typography

A great, professional alternative to super expensive live action videos made from scratch.

Screencast Recording

Screen recording for demo or tutorial type videos. You can also just have a small part of your overall video be a screencast.