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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A guarantee that makes it a no-brainer for you to do your video with us! If at any point in the process you’re unhappy for ANY reason, you can cancel the project and get a FULL refund...with absolutely no hassle from us. This takes ALL the risk off you, and forces us to DELIVER on what we promise!

Best Overall Value

There are plenty of pricier options, and plenty of cheaper ones. The expensive options are overpriced, and the cheaper options don't provide the same high-quality animation, responsive communication, unlimited revisions, fast turnaround times, and everything else listed here. That’s why we believe we offer the most affordable prices compared to the value you'll receive.

Highest Quality Animation

Your video represents your brand and business. Low quality animation can do more harm than good. We use the highest level of animation techniques to make sure your video not only looks good, but performs just as well.

Any Video Style

We can create ANY style of video. From 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics, hand-sketch whiteboard, stock footage, screencast, and more. If you've seen it, we can make it! Just show us an example of what you like.

Unlimited Revisions

Feel comfortable knowing you can make as many changes you want at every stage of our production process, without having to pay anything extra. Your video isn't done until you're 100% happy with everything!

Fast Turnaround Times

We know you need your video ASAP, so our production team is equipped and ready to get your video done as fast possible - without compromising quality. You can also take advantage of priority and rush service options to make your video in as little as 48 hours!

Responsive Communication

From the moment you make your first inquiry with us, until the moment we complete your video, you'll have full access to our team via email, phone, and chat. Our clients feel comfortable knowing we’re always available, and respond very quickly.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose from two flexible payment options: Option 1) Pay 50% upfront & 50% when completed / Option 2) Pay in 6 easy monthly payments (15% extra fee).

Priority & Rush Services

Our standard process is already pretty fast, but if you have an important deadline you need to meet - you can take advantage of our priority and rush service options to get your video made in as little as 48 hours.

Full Transparency

Our pricing, process, portfolio, testimonials, etc. is all available for you to see before you start working with us - so there are absolutely no surprises!

Expert Script Writing

Your script is the foundation of your video. Our writers will simplify your product or service, and write a script that will clearly communicate your message and value proposition - all while keeping viewers engaged throughout the video and getting them to take the action you want.

Over 3,000 Videos Made

With over 3,000 videos under our belt, we know what it takes to create a great explainer video in the shortest amount of time. Feel comfortable knowing you don’t have to deal with any surprises, delays, roadblocks, or hassles of any kind. You’re going to enjoy our smooth and streamlined production process.

We Wrote The Explainer Video Book

We wrote the top-selling book on explainer videos. It will teach you how to make explainer videos the right way. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Any Accent or Language

You can choose from any English accent (American, Australian, British), or from any language in the world. You’ll also have the option of translating your video into different languages to appeal to various markets.

Dedicated Project Manager

Feel comfortable knowing you'll have a dedicated Project Manager that will always be available for you via phone and email. Get quick answers to your questions, provide revision requests, get status on progress, and anything else you need.

Dedicated Creative Director

Not only will you have your own dedicated Project Manager, but you'll also have a Creative Director available to you via phone and email to help you with creative ideas, strategy, and more!

2 Months of Video Maintenance

You'll be able to make changes to your video for up to 2 months after your video is already made! This gives you time to show your video around, get feedback, see how it performs, and still make changes without paying more!

Choose From Multiple Scripts

Why should you be limited to just one writer drafting one script? When you work with us, you’ll have the option of choosing from multiple scripts from various expert writers who will all have their own unique ideas.

Two Call-to-Action Endings

You'll have the option of getting 2 versions of your video with 2 different call-to-action endings, so you can test them and see which performs better.

Based in Los Angeles

Feel comfortable knowing we're based in Los Angeles, so there will be no language barriers, miscommunications, delays, or frustrations of any kind. Many video providers have USA-based phone numbers and addresses to make it seem like they're in the USA, but are really in India or Philippines.

Full Production Team

You'll have a full team working for you. Writers, illustrators, animators, voiceover artists, sound engineers, a creative director, and a project manager.

Press Release Distribution

Want to get the word out for your new product or service? You'll have the option of allowing us to write a press release for you, and distributing and publishing it to over 250 media outlets.

Animated Video Logo

We'll bring your logo to life with an animated video version. Usually about 5 to 10 seconds long, and are used before and/or after any video content you create. Use it on your YouTube channel, website, social media, etc. It’s great for building your brand image and making your videos more professional.

References From Past Clients

If our 180+ video testimonials aren't enough to convince you, we can provide you with contact details for ANY past client we've made a video for - so you can get a reference from them.

Facebook & IG Remarketing

We can help you setup a custom Facebook & IG remarketing campaign to bring back visitors who didn't convert on their first visit to your website. There’s nothing better than marketing your video to people who have already been to your website. It brings people back to your website to convert, builds your brand, your credibility, and more.

YouTube Remarketing

We can help you setup a custom YouTube remarketing campaign to bring back visitors who didn't convert on their first visit to your website. There’s nothing better than marketing your video to people who have already been to your website. It brings people back to your website to convert, builds your brand, your credibility, and more.

Copy of Source Files

You'll have the option of obtaining all of your project's source files in case you want to make changes to your video on your own. This includes your script, Photoshop files, After Effects files, voiceover, music, and sound effects.

We Work 7 Days a Week

Why let 2 full days out the week go to waste? Especially when you need your video yesterday! Our team works 7 days a week to produce your video ASAP.

Video Commercial

Explainer videos are great for your homepage to engage visitors, explain your product or service, and get them to take action - but they're not good for video advertising. That's why we offer a 15-20 second video commercial that you can use for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram advertising to attract prospects to your website.

Get Graphics From Your Video

We'll send you all the graphics from your video in case you want to use it on your website, social media, marketing materials, etc.

No Hidden Costs

The last thing you want is to get hit with surprise fees halfway through the production process. With us, there's absolutely no hidden costs or extra fees of any kind. The fixed pricing you see in the beginning is what you'll pay, and nothing more.

Infographic Design

You'll have the option of making an infographic that can make any important data or info you have much easier to understand.

Marketing Consultation

You'll have the option of getting a marketing consultation to find out how to best market your video, and how to generate leads and turn them into clients using a proven 4-step marketing system.

Over 190 Video Testimonials

Our clients never walk away unhappy with us since we offer great service and unlimited revisions until everything is just right! That's why we have over 190 video testimonials that you can check out by clicking here.