What Are You REALLY Selling? (Hint: It’s Not Your Product)

Some of the most seasoned companies/well-established businesses (like you!) don’t really understand what they’re selling.

Most of these clients are on the hunt for the perfect video to explain their latest business venture. Or promote their hot new product. Or update their staff on the newest anti-harassment policies.

The one thing all of these clients have in common is the desire to grow their business.

That’s what we sell: growth.



We don’t just sell a combination of the right script, the right voice, and the right visuals to achieve your business goals. Just like you don’t buy a hammer to sit on the shelf, you buy a hammer to hammer a friggin’ nail.

A video is simply a tool we create for you to grow your business.

So, here’s your homework: sit down and start listing out what you actually sell. Here are some of the most common points:

  • Livelihood
  • Growth
  • Time
  • Convenience
  • Status
  • Experience
  • Security
  • Health
  • Knowledge
  • Joy (although I think Coca Cola trademarked this?)

“So, why is this important?”

Well, because your prospects don’t really care about much else… especially when you first meet them. We know you’ve spent the last 10 years developing your groundbreaking new technology, and you’re proud of every single feature,, down to the last panel, button, and widget. But at this stage, the features of your product are only good for putting your viewers to sleep. .

Your prospects are already inundated by over 20,000 brand messages a day, so please – do us all a favor – and get to the point!

“But, my features are important, right?”

Yes, but later, once they’ve seen the true  value in your service. Don’t be that person who spills all their guts on the first date ( – nobody likes that person).

Until you understand what your company sells, there is no such thing as the “perfect video”.

“Well, what if I have multiple selling points, smarty-pants?”

Great! Lots of companies do. But, which is most important to your audience?

The true beauty of video marketing is the ability to easily split and test all of your selling points with your audience. Don’t be afraid to shorten your videos and stick to one selling point per message. What points are catching fire? What’s blowing in the wind? Once you understand what’s truly important to your audience, then you can begin making informed decisions about your marketing, branding, and, you know, the actual product.

And if you need help figuring any of this out, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with me here.

What Is The Point Of A Social Media Marketing Video?

Why do you even need a video?

Everyone knows social media marketing is vital to growing your business. That’s not rocket science. Actually, it’s not science at all.

But the question is: how do you market on social media? If you answered with articles and texts, you would be right… if this was 2010.

Did you know Facebook predicts that soon their newsfeed will be 90% video? That is why you need Social Media Marketing Videos.

This type of advertising is the modern version of TV advertising.


You can get incredibly more targeted and precise results with Social Media Marketing Videos than you ever could with TV advertising. People used to focus on advertising on specific channels, but now you can target to a much more narrow degree. But before diving into that, we should discuss what exactly a Social Media Marketing Video is and just an importantly, what it is NOT.

What makes up a Social Media Marketing Video?

This type of marketing video is short. Very short.

Its goal is not meant to go into detail about you, your company, and what you stand for. Instead, its goal is to pull in new customers and remind prior customers that you still exist. Think of it this way: if it were a bird, Social Media Marketing Videos would be a peacock, not a turkey.

They are nice and shiny, but they are NOT a full meal.

But why do you even need one?

In layman’s terms, you need a Social Media Marketing Video because everyone is on Social Media.

BUT posting anything on Social Media won’t work either.

If it is anything but a video, hate to break it to you, but people are just going to scroll past it. Doesn’t matter how well-written your post is, people don’t have the patience to read anymore.

And since the goal of a Social Media Marketing Video is get have people move from the social media platform to your website, you are doing yourself a disservice by only using texts. The only way your potential customers will go to your website is if you lead them there. And Social Media Marketing Videos have proven time and time again that they pull viewers to your site. And they have the numbers to back it up.

Know Yourself. Know Your Viewer.

Who is your viewer? If you answered everyone, you are in for a rude awakening.

Posting your video on Facebook won’t do much at all. You might get a few new followers, but that’s about it. You need to have targeted video advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Targeting means controlling who sees your commercial because it is better to have 50 eyes see it that then click to your website, rather than 10,000 eyes who see it and just keep scrolling.

When you post your Social Media Marketing Video make sure you know your audience. Things like their jobs, demographics, age, and many other important details play a crucial factor.

In fact, you can even use retargeting. That means you will only show your Social Media Marketing Videos to people who have already been to your website before. This keeps customers coming back, rather than completely forgetting about you. All that thanks to your targeted Social Media Marketing Video.

Size Length Does Matter

Now that you know who you want to see your Social Media Marketing Video, how long should you make it for them? Well, the real question is, “How short can you make it for them?”.

Take this video. This is really the absolute longest your Social Media Marketing Video should: https://vimeo.com/292028052

Your video must be quick and efficient. That means it should stand around 15 seconds long. Remember, your Social Media Marketing Video is a peacock, not the turkey.

Just a taste!

It is meant to garner eyes to your website, not go into detail explaining your product or business. That is why is it called a Social Media Marketing Video, not an Explainer Video. But when it comes to Social Media Marketing Videos on sites like Facebook, you have a few different routes you can take.

You got options. Use Em!

In fact, Facebook and Instagram have many options when it comes to Social Media Marketing Videos. Your shortest option is a gif, which is exactly what it sounds like.

An (entertaining, hopefully) gif of your product or company. Then there are Vertical Videos and ads in Instagram Stories. These are the bread and butter of Social Media Marketing Videos. They are short, sweet, and eye-catching.

You can see them in action here: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads-guide

Now, there are many other options to choose from, like Canvas, Collection, Live, and In-Stream. These each have their own perks, but also have room for potholes. That is because Canvas can get too text-based and Live and In-Stream can seem more like a TV show rather than a Social Media Marketing Video. But it is always best to research, and see which style would work best for what your Social Media Marketing Video is trying to accomplish.

Now lets go OVER voiceOVER

While some of these Social Media Marketing Videos may allow voiceovers, do you think you should utilize this feature? Most likely: NO!

Of course, there are exceptions, but a crucial thing to understand is that most people DO NOT turn their sound on when scrolling through various newsfeeds. That means if all of the meat in your video is in a voiceover, then most of your viewers will never know it.

That is why text-on-screen is so important to your Social Media Marketing Video. But if you do decide to do voiceover, make sure to have captions. Since many people watch videos in public places, they do not want to draw attention to themselves.

By giving them captions, they can understand what is being said without literally hearing it. In fact, after putting captions on their Social Media Marketing Videos, people saw a 30% boost in viewership.

What happens after your post your Social Media Marketing Video?

Make more! Once your viewers see your Social Media Marketing Video, any other time they see it won’t be special.

That is why you should constantly be making new, quick Social Media Marketing Videos. It will keep you in the mind of your audience in a fresh way each time. And even better, if your videos have a common theme or look, you will be able to teach your audience to recognize your videos immediately as they scroll through their newsfeed.

You can do it! (and you should….)

There are many factors that go into keeping eyes on your Social Media Marketing Video and translating them into hits on your websites. While it may seem overwhelming at first, the process is extremely rewarding. You have the chance to target and communicate with your customers in a new, more efficient way. And if you need any help along the way, Promoshin is always here to lend a hand.

How To Explain Your Business Idea Better



Your work is complicated – there are a million little things that make your business great.

And no one knows the ins and outs of your business like you do.

But that’s a problem.

Because in today’s bite-sized, quick-draw, on-to-the-next-thing world, you only get a minute or two, if you’re lucky, to explain your business to new contacts.

So let’s put your pitch deck in the pressure chamber, and see if we can come up with some ways to explain your business faster, better, and more effectively.

First, you have to step outside your bubble.

You can’t assume your audience knows anything about your industry.

And chances are, there are words and phrases you use every day that strangers would think are another language.

So stay away from industry slang, if you can help it, and always define your abbreviations.

Next, trim the fat. You might think it’s impossible to describe the business you’ve spent years developing in one or two minutes, but it’s easier than it sounds.

Even huge corporations can describe their truly unique and meaningful core concepts in a short time.

A nice way to find the most meaningful description is to describe your business to a friend or family member, rather than investor or prospect. You’ll usually tell them what matters most first.

Finally, take shortcuts. Your audience might not know the specifics of your industry, but they’re familiar with the concepts of a lot of existing businesses.

You can use these concepts as puzzle pieces for your pitch. For example, dog-walking app Wag can be described as ‘Uber for Dog Walking.’

Explaining your business effectively won’t just make talking to relatives easier, it will help your company grow.

And no one is better at explaining than Promoshin.com, the leader in explainer video production.

How To Make a Viral Explainer Video



Wanna take the fast track to success? Wanna make your business into an overnight sensation? Then you need a viral video.

Making a viral video is easy! First, decide whether you want to make it…

A) Cute
B) Funny
C) Absurd or
D) Embarassing

Then come up with your wacky idea. Make a video. Put it on YouTube. And you’ve got a 1 in 100 million chance of sitting back and letting the views roll in.

Wait. What?

Here’s the truth….

There are millions upon millions of videos on the internet and only a handful of them go viral. And only, like, two or three of the ones that did go viral were marketing videos.

You can’t intentionally make a viral video the same way you can’t intentionally make a hit song. The harder you try, the less likely it becomes.

If you want to expand your reach and build your online marketing presence, your best bet is to do it the old fashioned way.

Ditch the wacky antics and make a high-quality, informative video.

Then learn how to market it effectively on Google, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Promoshin is here to help you do just that. Give us a call to find out how!

Tips For Making The Video Production Process Go Smoothly



At Promoshin, we’re not a big fan of rules. Creativity should be set free!

That’s why we offer unlimited revisions and a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

However, there are a few simple guidelines to follow to ensure the production process goes as smoothly as possible, and you end up with the best possible video!

First, it’s important to understand that the standard production process happens in stages.

At the script stage, we’ll work on the language your voice over will use, and initial ideas for the animation.

In the storyboard phase, we’ll sketch out the scenes that will eventually appear in your video.

In the illustration phase, we’ll draw in the details of those scenes.

And in the animation phase, we’ll put it all together with movement, voiceover, and music.

You have unlimited revisions at each stage, but we expect each stage to be mostly locked in before moving forward.

That means making major changes to the script or storyboard at the animation stage is frowned upon.

Keep in mind that for Rush projects, we’ll be going straight from script to animation, so it’s important to read the animation notes very carefully.

Second, please send your notes to us in an email, so we can keep track of what you asked for during different stages of production.

Dropbox comments are strictly forbidden, because we can’t keep track of the comments.

When giving feedback on the script, feel free to edit the document directly.

When giving feedback on the storyboard, please reference the scene number.

When giving feedback on the illustrations, please reference the file name.

And when giving feedback on a completed video, please reference the timestamp where the note applies.

Regarding timing, we’re going to try as hard as we can to finish your video as quickly as possible.

But we can never guarantee a specific deadline, because the process relies on how quickly you respond, and how many revisions you ask us to make.

So if you want your video done as soon as possible, respond as fast as you can to our requests for feedback or approval.

And if you aren’t able to get to it for a while, just let us know there might be a delay, so we don’t get worried about you.

If you miss our beautiful voices, feel free to call us on the phone.

But sometimes we won’t be able to pick up right away.

So leave a voicemail, and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

Or better yet, schedule a call so you can be sure we’ll have enough time to speak.

And that’s about it!

We want this process to be easy and fun for you, so if you have any questions or concerns, drop us a line!

Animated vs. Live Action Explainer Videos – Which Is Better?



Early in the creative process for any video, you’re going to come to a crucial crossroads.

Animation or Live action? On the surface it seems like a tough decision.

On one hand, your favorite movies are live action…

On the other hand, you did really love Finding Nemo.

What’s a decision-maker to do?

We’re going to pull back the veil to show you that the choice is a lot easier than it seems.

Depending on who makes your video, a typical animated video can cost anywhere from 1 to 25 thousand dollars to produce, and takes about 3 to 6 weeks.

With live action, those numbers start closer to 5, thousand, and the upper limit is out of sight.

They also take much longer to create.

Why the big difference?

For starters, here is a list of people that are involved in a quality animated video production.

And here are the people who are involved in a live action project.

That’s a lot of mouths to feed.

And that’s only part of the reason live action can get so expensive.

There’s also a logistical can of worms that someone has to deal with.

And if something didn’t come out right the first time, or something about your business changes…

Updates or revisions become just as costly as the initial pass. And you can forget about updating your video months down the line.

With animation, the logistics are simple, revisions are a breeze, and they age like a fine English Stichelton That is, very nicely.

Plus, animation can be much better for communicating abstract ideas, with fewer restrictions than a live action shoot.

So if you’d rather be limited by your imagination than your budget, The choice is clear.

And if you value quality, transparency, speed and affordability, then Promoshin is the best choice for your animation needs.